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14.99% Recruiting Fee

120 Day Guarantee

Biotechnology & Clinical Research Recruiting


A recruiting firm built on what business leaders actually want. We know because we asked them.

Join industry leaders finding talent with SQRL


How It Works

Did you know that over 80% of the candidate pool is not job seekers?

How It Works

What Our Clients Say

SQRL is very easy to work with. They provide quality candidates, are very responsive to requests, and provide excellent customer service

I was so impressed with the attention SQRL placed on role/culture fit in their pre-screening process that it was a no-brainer to use them as our preferred 3rd party recruiter

I have had the privilege of working with the SQRL team on a few different searches and my expectations were definitely exceeded!

Joe DeMark
HR, Synexus

Sam Oryhon
HR, Medication Management

CJ Anderson
President, Cognitive Clinical


What You'll Get From Us

Transparent Pricing and Guarantee Period

    You’ve got decisions to make and we want to help you get on
    with them, no surprises.

Real, Genuine Partnership

    Your story, culture, and needs are an important part of finding
    the right candidate. We hear you.

None of that Salesy Stuff

    Everybody wants to skip being pushed toward
    poor candidates. We’ll find you the best fit, no selling required.

Quick Results

    Other recruiting firms move at a snail’s pace. We go at SQRL
    speed, taking an average of just 6 days to present a stellar candidate.

What We'll Need From You

3 Day Feedback Turnaround

    Everybody loves quick feedback. This helps keep the hiring
    process rolling and gives candidates the best experience possible.

Open, Honest Communication

    The more we know, the better. The more transparent you
    are, the more value you’ll be able to squeeze out of our partnership.

Weekly Touchpoints

    Hiring needs change fast. Regular check-ins keep us in the
    loop so we can help you stay ahead of whatever’s next.

Insider Recruiting Knowledge

    Your business is one of a kind. Understanding your recruiting
    strategy allows us to custom-tailor our strategy to find the best

Top Talent. Low Fees. No Catch.

Diversified Sourcing Strategy

There’s more than one way to find exceptional candidates – and we know them all. Whether it’s AI or another tactic, we’ll do whatever it takes to find you the best candidates.

Full-Cycle Recruiting

We don’t leave any job half-sourced. Our partners can count on us to see employees through the entire hiring process, from initial recruiting to final negotiations.

Single Point of Contact

No switcheroos or unexpected handoffs here. With one dedicated account manager, you’ll know who you’re working with from the start – and they’ll see you through to the finish.

Modern Recruiting Tools

Finding that perfect candidate might make you want to party like it’s 1999 – but we recruit like it’s 2020, leveraging innovative technology to create an incredible hiring experience.

Candidate Care

First impressions matter – and so do lasting impressions. That’s why we uphold your reputation by handling candidates with TLC, every step of the way.

Customized Service

Not all hiring needs are created equal. Our communication and recruiting strategies are 100% tweakable and can be custom-tailored to fit the way you like to work.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.


Meet Some of Our Top Recruiters


Michael Engelkamp

Director of Recruiting


Lauren Welch

Sr. Executive Recruiter


Amy Naismith

Executive Recruiter


Jolene Kam

Sr. Recruiter


Kelli Culbertson

Recruiting Sourcer Manager


Guiliana Fusco

Sr. Sourcing Manager


Markus Fort

Director of Sourcing


Marc Giuffre

Director of Business Development

  • What is a Purple Squirrel?
    A Purple Squirrel is a term used in recruiting to describe a candidate with precisely the right education, set of experiences, personality, and range of qualifications that perfectly fit the job’s requirements in your organization.
  • What are SQRL's recruiting stats?
    We’re glad you asked. If we could, we’d put them on a baseball card. Instead, we’ll just share them proudly here: Average fill time: 18.6 days Average time to first candidate introduction: 6.2 business days Average of candidates presented per role: 6.6 qualified candidates
  • Which industries has SQRL recruited?
    We’re not a one-trick SQRL. Our recruiting process can be custom-tailored to fit any industry, location, or position. However, we have extensive experience recruiting candidates in the following industries: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Clinical Research, Home Health, Environmental Services, and Heavy Equipment.
  • What is SQRL's Guarantee Period?
    We’re determined to find your team the purple SQRL you need –– but in the off chance we don’t, we offer a 120-day candidate guarantee. This guarantee is broken down into two periods, covering your costs in case your candidate leaves voluntarily or involuntarily: Day 1-60: 100% refund Day 61-120: 50% refund
  • What makes SQRL the best recruiting partner?
    Total transparency and true partnership. The list of SQRL benefits is long, but we’ll keep our answer short and sweet. SQRL is the best partner because we’ve based our solution off of what matters most: what you want. We surveyed industry professionals far and wide to discover what their dream recruiting firm looked like. Now, we’re making recruiting dreams come true.
  • What positions does SQRL recruit?
    You name the position, we can recruit for it. SQRL successfully fills roles of all kinds, from c-suite to entry-level. We’ve worked across industries and organizational structures, building out teams in management, medicine, science, sales, admin, finance, marketing, HR, operations, and more.


15169 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite 205,

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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